Yamaha Updates SR Viper Snowmobiles Before Production

If you went to the spring snowmobile shows and took a real close look at the all-new SR Viper snowmobiles from Yamaha, you may want to go take a second look at the upcoming fall snowmobile shows.

After an extended spring and early summer of testing across North America, Yamaha has updated several areas of its new flagship snowmobile line, according to Yamaha Snowmobile Marketing Manager Wade West. The changes ensure that every Yamaha meets the company’s high quality, durability and reliability standards and will be reflected on the Vipers that will be rolling down the assembly line at the Arctic Cat factory starting in a couple of weeks, West said.

For the uninitiated, the SR Viper line was announced last spring and will utilize the 1049cc Yamaha triple formerly found only in Yamaha FX Nytro snowmobiles, along with the Arctic Cat ProCross chassis (called the SRV chassis when in a Yamaha). The machines will be built at the Cat factory in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and will be quite similar to Arctic Cat ZR 7000 models with the same engine and chassis combination. Differences do exist between the Viper models and the Arctic Cat ZR 7000 snowmobiles, however. The previously announced differences include the use of brand-specific clutching and gearing, plus differing tracks, shocks (in some cases) and body work/paint/graphics.

This is a story best told with visuals, so we’ll let the  photos and captions tell the story. Click on any photo for a more up-close look.

Yamaha Viper clutches
Yamaha insisted that its own clutching accompany the 1049cc triple when placed in an Arctic Cat chassis and painted blue or red, saying its clutching approach is better suited to a four-stroke powerband. After summer testing, Yamaha has a new belt to better match the new center distance of the clutches in this chassis. A bit of good news: That belt (8JP17641) will retail for just $100.












Yamaha SR Viper chaincase
Yamaha also wanted upgrades in the chaincase. Vipers will have the same 13-link Borg Warner chain that’s used in Apex models, a manual chain adjustment (the gold-colored bolt) instead of Cat’s automatic tensioner system and billet gears instead of the cast gears previously used by Arctic Cat in this chassis
















Yamaha SR Viper drivers
Yamaha wants to get a better grip on the RipSaw 2 track, so it is going with extrovert drivers to reduce ratcheting and help prevent chaincase failures.










Yamaha SR Viper tunnel protectors
Yamaha SR Viper models will come with aluminum tunnel protectors directly from the factory. Stud away, if you are so inclined. Yamaha also says the protectors will reduce track slap and provide more structural rigidity to the tunnel.










Yamaha SR Viper seat
The seat on Yamaha SR Viper snowmobiels will feature slightly softer foam than what was shown and tested last spring, along with a thicker seat pan and a new latch at the back of the seat with a bolt and a lever.











Yamaha SR Viper radiator
To improve the look of the machines to the outside world, Yamaha is going with a black radiator instead of an unpainted aluminum radiator up front. There will also be more protective hood screens on the Vipers.














Yamaha SR Viper SE shocks
SR Viper SE models that were to come with Fox FLOAT 2 shocks have been upgraded to better Fox FLOAT 3 shocks up front. The 3 version comes with a Kashima coating for less friction and a Samurai Sealing System that pledged better durability.











Yamaha SR Viper brake
To stabilize the brake caliper, Yamaha has added a new bracket to its SR Viper models.


5 thoughts on “Yamaha Updates SR Viper Snowmobiles Before Production

  • did they forget about the steering again , don’t kid your self . its the sled not the rider

  • did you guys notice Yamaha added an extra boggy wheel to the2015 vipers ? come on guys this why you are paid the big bucks ! I cant wait to ride my 2015 RTX SE . Yamaha has really showed artic cat how to build a sled .like compareing harborfright tools to snap on print that.


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