Yamaha FX Nytro XTX Revealed

2009 Yamaha FX Nytro XTXYamaha positions its new FX Nytro XTX as its ultimate crossover sled aimed at aggressive riders. The XTX features a 144-inch-long Camoplast Ripsaw track with 1.25 inch lugs wrapped around a new skid: the fully coupled Dual Clicker CK144 rear suspension. As the name implies, if features clicker shocks front and rear, allowing riders to dial in their preferred setup. Like previous hybrid sleds, the skid also has tipped rails to reduce the overall footprint.

The new skid uses tipped rails inside a 144-inch track to conquer any terrain.
The tunnel angle was increased (11 degrees, compared to 9 degrees on other Nytros) as well to make space for the longer shoe. Combined, they allow the XTX to have the same footprint as 121-inch Nytros on hard-pack trails and bridge bumps similar to a 136-inch track in rougher conditions. When taking the XTX off-trail into powder, the rider should get the full flotation benefit of the 144-inch track.

Yamaha officials also claim the XTX is slightly faster than other Nytro models, since the long track can operate more efficiently when bending around the rear wheels. Our impromptu drag races were inconclusive on this claim.

What we did notice was the new front suspension geometry with more than 10 changes from the 2008 FX Nytros, including new upper and lower A-arms, tie-rods, spindles, sway bar, ski rubber and skis.

Combined, the new parts settle down the Nytro’s front end by effectively giving the model a slightly longer wheelbase, a bit more caster angle, a less aggressive approach on the bottom of the ski and slightly slower steering. The setup inspires more confidence because the machines corner flatter, plus the straight-line bump and deceleration wander we experienced on the 2008 model have been eliminated.

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