Yamaha 4-Year Warranty Voucher program ends April 15

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — The Yamaha Advantage 4-Year Warranty Voucher, which lets customers sign up now for a free four-year warranty on any 2010 Yamaha snowmobile bought before Nov. 30th, runs through April 15.

Signing up for the voucher doesn’t obligate consumers to buy anything, according to Yamaha, but it does allow buyers to piggyback the free warranty on top of the sales promotion offer in place this fall.

Customers can sign up for the warranty at their local Yamaha dealer, where they will get a free Yamaha hat. Or they can register online at Yamaha-Advantage.com — although you only get the hat if you visit the dealer.

The 4-year warranty provides full sled coverage, including engine coverage as well as extras like ski loop and snow flap protection (standard wear items, however, are not included).

The 4-year warranty is fully transferrable with no transfer fee, there is no deductible on covered repairs and Yamaha offers towing and trip interruption coverage.

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