What’s Hot & Not In The World Of Snowmobiling

Since its re-launch in 1990, each issue of Snow Goer magazine has included a What’s Hot/What’s Not section featuring images of snowmobile life captured and submitted by readers. If you have snowmobiling photos you would like to share – whether you’d deem them “Hot” or “Not” – submit them to NLongworth@SnowGoer.com, and you may see your image in print!

Please limit submissions to two photos, and include your name and hometown with the submission. Send the photo as an attachment, and please note that low resolution images won’t reprint well in magazines — so send us only your best!

Without further adieu, here’s What’s Hot and What’s Not – as submitted by you!

“Hands up, don’t roost.” Submitted by Daniel Leonard of Traverse City, Michigan.


“Into the greatest unknown.” Submitted by Niklas Kummu of Lulea, Sweden.


“Oregon Cascades – I took this photo at Willamette Pass Resort on vacation, just west of Crescent Lake, Oregon. I call it ‘Fall in the Oregon Cascades.'” Submitted by Rachel Canada of Eugene, Oregon.


“A good riding partner will be there with a tow rope – and a photo.” Submitted by Gordon Johnson of Webster, Wisconsin.


“Out for a ride with man’s best friend, and his dog, too.” Submitted by James Basile of Ottawa, Ontario. Caption suggested by Jason Corlett on the Snow Goer magazine Facebook page.


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