Vintage Snowmobile Ad Tuesday: Remembering Harley-Davidson Snowmobiles

Who wants a big thumping V-twin stuffed beneath the hood and above the skis of a snowmobile? Well, as popular as Harley-Davidson motorcycles have become, one might think a lot of people would consider it. Actually, the guys at FAST Inc. tried a big, Harley-escue V-twin from S&S in a limited edition Blade snowmobile, but that’s a story for another time. Right now, we want to look back on Harley snowmobiles, through the ads that then-parent-company AMF placed in Snow Goer magazine back in the day.

Even in the early 1970s, the folks in charge of the Harley-Davidson brand knew that sex sells when it comes to adult male-focused powersports products. So a model in a mink coat sprawled across the seat of one of their latest and greatest sleds? Well yeah, why not? They’re Harley.

Instead of huge four-stroke twins, these Harley-Davidson products had engines that topped out at 433cc. They weren’t cutting-edge snowmobiles, but they wore the Milwaukee-built pride well, and remain collectors items primarily because of their brand name.

To kick off the new year with our Vintage Ad Tuesday series, we’ll actually give you two ads today: The spread-ad with the gal in the mink has been widely circulated, but the “Count On Us”  single-page ad also has a unique appeal.

To see these ads in full glory, simply click on the photos below and they will blow up to a larger size on your screen, uninterrupted. To subscribe to Snow Goer magazine, click here. And here are links to past Vintage Snowmobile Ad Tuesday features.

Ski-Doo Formula SP and Citation LSE

Evinrude Skimmer

Brut LC44 and LC29

Boa-Ski SS 440

Arctic Cat El Tigre











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