Vintage Snowmobile Ad Tuesday: Breaking Away On A Brut

Born in the tiny west-central Minnesota town of Brooten, the Brut snowmobile could have been “just another brand” in the 1970s era when there were so many brands. But it wasn’t. It was something special.

Instead of just sourcing its engines from the Kohlers, Fujis and Sachs of the world, the Brut started with its own exclusive engine. The Brooton engine was a thing of beauty. Buyers had a choice beween two of the liquid-cooled dynamos — a 439cc triple in he LC44 or a 294cc twin in the LC29 model.  Their performance was legendary; their design was cutting edge.

There are many, many brands we miss from the haydays of snowmobile companys in the early 1970s, but we really have a soft spot in our heart for Brut, because the company went one step further with its innovation and design.

Enjoy the ad below. We’ll post another vintage ad next Tuesday, and every Tuesday for the foreseeable future. To see this ad in its full glory, or if part of the ad is covered in your browser by other boxes, simply click on the photo below and it will blow up to a larger size on your screen, uninterrupted. To see last week’s Vintage Snowmobile Ad featuring a Boa-Ski, click here.

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