Tucker Hibbert Edition F 800 Snowmobile Unveiled

What’s better than bold new graphics? How about bold new graphics plus colorful skis and suspension rails, standard handguards and a windshield designed by your racing hero?!


The unveiling of a new snowmobile at Haydays always draws a crowd. So does Tucker Hibbert.

The Arctic Cat ProCross F 800 Tucker Hibbert Race Replica sled was introduced before a large crowd at the Haydays Grass Drags & Swap Meet event September 9 in central Minnesota, and the winningest driver in snocross racing history was there to pull back the tarp, along with Arctic Cat Snowmobile Product Manager Joel Hallstrom.

“We did a little more than just put some stickers on this snowmobile,” Hibbert said. “A lot of the parts on here are ones that I race with every weekend.”

All of the major components – including the chassis, engine, suspensions, brake and steering system – are identical to the 2013 F 800 Sno Pro RR reviewed on pages 20-25 of this issue.  But a lot of the bit pieces get changed out.

Most notable upon seeing the machine are the colors – instead of super-bright green and white with loud graphics, the Tucker Hibbert edition comes with black plastic, tunnel and seat, with light accents of the green. On his race sled, that green is provided by the Monster Energy logo, and frankly we were surprised this sled didn’t have the Monster slash, but we’re guessing the two companies couldn’t reach an agreement.

All of this black is offset by white skis (a ski color of choice of Hibbert’s since he won the Winter X Games snocross gold at age 15 in 2000) and white suspension rails. And, of course, the white number plate featuring HIbbert’s No. 68 race number.

The sled features a windshield that Hibbert said he worked with Sportech to customize, and it also has the handguards that Hibbert said he used last season to keep the roost off of his wrists in races. The seat material is also a bit grippier than found on the standard RR.

The only functional part that chances is that a Kashima coating has been added to the Fox FLOAT EVOL X shocks in the front suspension. The coating, utilized by Fox in several other applications in recent years, is applied to the shock rod and promises to deliver durability, hardness and lower levels of friction.

“I think we’ve put together a really unique, cool-looking snowmobile that I hope you enjoy as much as I do,” Hibbert said, before delivering the big close. “I am going to personally autograph every single snowmobile as it goes down the line.”

The sleds will be available in limited numbers at Arctic Cat dealers this fall for an MSRP of $13,999.

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