Top 15 Snowmobile Related Stories Of 2022

For many people, calendar year 2022 will be remembered for worldwide inflation, contentious mid-term elections, the death of a queen, the Russian invasion of Ukraine or Supreme Court rulings…

For snowmobilers? New chassis and engine platforms plus big recalls top the list.

There are more than 3,600 snowmobile-related stories on, but here are the 15 most-viewed stories on that originated in calendar year 2022. Stories that were posted earlier in the year frankly had more time to collect eyeballs than those posted later, but that’s just the math involved in doing year-ending lists.

Top 15 Stories Of 2022

  1. Polaris’ Stop Ride Order – The “stop ride/stop sale” order issued in August due to a potential problem with the in-tank fuel pump affected 230,000 snowmobiles built over 10 years, and parts procurement challenges are ongoing.
  2. Arctic Cat Unveils New Catalyst Chassis For 2024 – The long awaited next generation of Arctic Cats was briefly shown at Haydays in September.
  3. Polaris 2023 Trail Lineup Includes Flatland Turbo – The Patriot Boost engine (like Ski-Doo’s 850 Turbo R) was previously just available to mountain riders. This story went live on the last day of February.
  4. Arctic Cat To Unveil New Chassis At Haydays – Anticipation of the Cat unveiling was almost as popular as the unveiling itself.
  5. Top 10 Snowmobiles For 2023Snow Goer editors shared their views of the 10 sleds that best fit the needs of riders in various segments of the snowmobile market. The story was posted in late November.
  6. 2023 Arctic Cat Lineup Unveiled – A new ZR R-XC, Riot 9000 and Blast M Limited led the way when Cat’s 2023 lineup was unveiled in March.
  7. 2023 Ski-Doo Youth Sleds & Neos Unveiled – Ski-Doo’s Neo and Neo+ snowmobiles, first shown in February, seriously one-upped the competition in the emerging “tweener” market.  
  8. Polaris Stop Ride: The Fix Is In – News in mid-October that Polaris had a fix in hand for its aforementioned fuel pump issue created a buzz.  
  9. Ski-Doo REV Gen5 Details For Trails, Mountains – The next generation of Ski-Doo’s REV chassis meant varying things to trail and mountain riders when unveiled in February.
  10. Skinz Protective Gear Sells Off Equipment – The innovative aftermarket company announced in early March that it was auctioning off its equipment and seemingly going dark, but later in the year it started posting about new products again.
  11. Jay Mittlesteadt Wins Eagle River World Championship – Our exclusive coverage of the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby always attracts big numbers, and the race last January was historic for many reasons.
  12. 2023 Polaris Mountain Lineup Includes 9R – News of a so-called “factory big bore” 900-class engine for mountain riders was released on February 28.
  13. 2023 Yamaha Lineup With More Power Steering – There weren’t massive changes to talk about in Yamaha’s lineup when the brand’s embargo was lifted on March 28, but the expansion of EPS was still a big talker.
  14. U.P. Connector Trail Is Closed, Barring A Late Miracle – The potential loss of a major connector trail in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was big news in October and November for snowmobilers throughout the Upper Midwest, but luckily this one had a happy ending.
  15. Vintage Alert: Ed Webb Collection Auction – Stories about vintage snowmobiles always do well on, and news of a major collection for sale jumped off the screen in May.

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