TLR Cup Oval Series Expands Veterans Program

The high-profile TLR Cup oval racing series announced today — which of course is Veterans Day — that it is expanding its partnership with the Wounded Warriors Project in honoring veterans at its events. Below is the press release from the TLR Cup.

TLR Cup Tour Expands Military Appreciation Efforts

During the 2015-16 ice oval race season the TLR Cup Tour, in cooperation with the Wounded Warrior Project and four race venues, hosted military veterans from the major branches of service. While attending outstanding racing venues, these heroes of military service were treated to VIP tours, up close race team access and on-track recognition. tlrcup1

Gunnar Sterne, driver of the #220 Sterne Racing Ski-Doo said, “As the driver it was really cool to get those guys up on the stage with us (pictured) and have them participate with some of the stuff going on behind the scenes in the trailers and on the track, but even more than all of that it was awesome to get to show the Warriors and their families an awesome time at the track and get to experience things that some of the most hardcore ice oval fans don’t even get to experience.

“I’ve always felt that the ice oval racing community is a tight knit group and whenever we get to share our passion for racing with the people that have dedicated their lives to protect our freedom to be able to race, it makes it that much more special of an experience,” Sterne said.tlrcup2

For the 2016-17 race season, the TLR Cup Tour will expand their Military Appreciation Program to include eight of the nine race venues. In addition to another year of coordination with the Wounded Warrior Project, the TLR Cup Tour will also work with various veterans’ homes, the Canadian Military and local VFW and American Legion service organizations. During the race day, honored veterans will be treated to exclusive race team access, on-site VIP tours, on track access and special recognition. The honored veterans will also be participating in the on-track podium ceremony following the TLR Cup Tour final race of the day

Todd Achterberg, TLR Cup tour director and a retired 24 year veteran of the US Air National Guard, is honored to share this experience with fellow veterans and members of the WWP. Said, Achterberg, “After my years of service and spending some time in Iraq with first-hand combat experiences, I have a passion for supporting our veterans. With colleagues suffering from many service-based injuries including PTSD, I’m looking forward to using the TLR Cup events to bring some winter entertainment to these true heros. We had a great year in 2016 honoring these veterans and I am truly excited to expand our services to more venues and communities in 2017.”tlrcup3

Race teams and fans truly enjoy the personal visits from military veterans. Former World Champion and TLR Cup Tour Champion Cardell Potter added, “I really enjoyed meeting the Wounded Warrior in Ironwood. I liked that he had his family with him and was very appreciative to be in Ironwood with us. Since racing is a family sport, I thought him bringing his family with really complimented our sport. I appreciate that TLR recognizes those who have given themselves to serve our country.”

Said Canadian Retired Private Andrew Longe, “Going to the races, at first I didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived, I was given a warm welcome by everyone. The introductions were great, I’m not one who likes the spotlight much, and the welcome from the crowd was amazing. I got to see some pit crews in action, thanks Bub Bennett, and watch the races from the best seat in the house, center track! I’m definitely hooked now, I can guarantee I’ll be back next year, hopefully it’s not as slushy.”


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