Super Charger Coming Soon For Flatland Yamaha FX Nytro Snowmobiles

The fun and exhilaration of a super charger is coming to the flatlands for Yamaha customers this winter.

A supercharger kit will be available for Yamaha FX Nytro trail snowmobiles in October.


Yamaha said today that a Mountain Performance Incorporated (MPI) Super Charger, similar to the one that’s been available for high-altitude-based FX Nytro MTX models, is coming this fall for the 121-inch FX Nytro and 144-inch FX Nytro XTX models. The Trail Boost kit is aimed at sleds used at under 6,000 feet.

The kit, available through Yamaha dealers but technically a vendor kit from MPI, includes the super charger and the necessary clutching, gearing and means for cooling to take advantage of the estimated gain of 45 horsepower.

The kit will retail for $4,399.95 and will be available starting in October. It’ll be showcased for the first time September 8-9 at the Haydays Grass Drags & Swap Meet near North Branch, Minnesota.

Specifically, the kit includes ice scratchers and an additional heat exchanger, different clutch weights, rivets and rollers and a new top gear and chain for the chaincase.

The 5 psi boost will allow the 1049cc four-stroke triple to create 180 horsepower and 116 foot-pounds of torque on premium pump gas, according to Yamaha Snowmobile Product Manager Rob Powers. Yamaha’s press release said, “The Trail Supercharger kit is designed and engineered to provide quality installation, fit and finish with no modifications to the Nytro’s hood or side panels. All wiring uses stock-style connectors, eliminating the need to cut or splice the wiring harness.”

The Trail Boost kit is the latest partnership between Yamaha and MPI. Still available for the high altitude crowd are a turbo and a super charger option for the Nytro MTX.

Also at Haydays, Yamaha will showcase a wide variety of graphics packages it recently announced for RS Vector, Apex, Nytro and Phazer models and will host autograph sessions with its 2012-13 cross-country and hillclimb racers.


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