Straightline Performance (SPI) Is Merging With Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI)

Straightline Performance announced in a press release this morning that it is combining forces with a top turbo company — MPI. The press release is found below in its entirety.

Straightline Performance and Mountain Performance

(May 10, 2017 – Forest Lake, MN) – Straightline Performance Incorporated (SPI) will be joining forces with Mountain Performance Incorporated (MPI) in a gradual merger as the two companies come together under the Straightline Performance umbrella.

During the transition Straightline Performance and Mountain Performance will work together to establish a new level of sales and technical support for customers.

The partnership will further advance the already popular and race-proven MPI Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC high elevation turbo system, and also add a new, low elevation 850 E-TEC system to the line-up along with some new products in development.

In addition, the proximity of MPI and Straightline to low and high elevation riding areas will allow faster and more precise product calibrations to improve the customer experience. 

“We have always had the interest in moving forward with turbo systems at Straightline, and after extensive research, MPI was by far the best choice in the industry,” said Jason Houle, president of Straightline Performance. “The manufacturing, research and development, and extremely knowledgeable staff are just a few of the reasons. MPI is also a factory supplier to Yamaha, which speaks for itself. The addition of turbo chargers strengthens our product line up and makes us a one-stop performance manufacturer. Our combined knowledge will be beneficial moving forward on new products.”

The acquisition will take place over the next three years as Straightline and MPI work on development of new products and the sharing of technology between both companies. Effective May 9, 2017, customers looking to purchase Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC turbo and the 2018 Arctic Cat C-TEC2 800 turbo products will now order through Straightline Performance. Development will continue at MPI for high altitude kits while the sales, marketing and low altitude development moves to Straightline’s Forest Lake, Minnesota, location.

Straightline said it plans to make the transition as smooth as possible with the goal of increasing customer support, and bringing the MPI products to new markets. Customers will also experience faster, more precise product shipping, and improved customer service from this partnership. Moving into spring of the 2018 season the acquisition will encompass the entire MPI line-up, including the highly successful YXZ turbo system. 

“We are very excited to combine technology and gain access to Straightline Performance’s industry leading manufacturing, sales and support,” said Mac Randolph, owner of MPI. “Both companies focus in the powersports industry, combined with the mutual commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability and performance will make the team even stronger in our ability to satisfy our customers.”

New for 2018 from MPI/Straightline Performance is the Low elevation Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC turbo system, and the 2018 Arctic Cat C-TEC 2 800 complete turbo system.

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