Flashback: Complete 1977 Buyers Guide Snow Goer Issue Free Online

The November 1976 issue of Snow Goer magazine, available in its entirety online.

The October 2016 issue of Snow Goer is largely dedicated to the 50-year anniversary of the start of Snow Goer magazine. And since Snow Goer was the very first national snowmobile magazine when launched in 1966, this issue of the magazine is really a celebration of 50 years of the sport of snowmobiling as seen through the magazine’s pages.

In doing the research for that issue and leafing through every single page of all 247 previous issues of the magazine over the past five decades, the editorial staff decided to share some of their history by scanning in the entire November 1976 issue of Snow Goer and making it available, for free, online. It’s a rare chance to see one of the old issues in its entirety — the buyer’s guide information, the cool old ads, the strange old photos, etc.

So, click here to go back in time 40 years, to an issue that featured details on sleds from Boa-Ski, Massey-Ferguson, Rupp, Scorpion and many other classic brands, a story on John Deere’s efforts to win a classic I-500 cross-country race, the Snow Goer Endurance 1000 test and much more.

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