SnowTime Awards Round 2: Vote for the Best Of Snowmobiling!

What is the place you most dream about riding a snowmobile? Do you fantasize about some distant location with mountains or deep snow? Is a traditional trail riding Mecca that you’ve read about in magazines on your “must-do” list? Are you a Midwesterner who dreams about visiting and riding in New England, or a New Englander who really wants to check Midwestern riding off of your bucket list? Don’t forget about Canadian destinations, both near and far. What about really far-away destinations – Alaska, Scandinavia, Iceland, even Russia?

We know, in a winter like this, you might just be dreaming of riding in your own local area again (?!), but pretend for a second that this is a normal winter, and you want to make plans for a true getaway: Where are you going to go?

What's your dream destination look like?

Well at Snow Goer, we’re daring you to dream the dream, share your idea with us, and possibly win a prize from sponsor Hi Performance Engineering.

Welcome to Round 2 of the 2012 Snow Goer SnowTime Tourism Awards. It asks regular riders like yourself to pick the best of the best when it comes to snowmobiling and snowmobile riding. In round one, we asked readers and viewers to name the Best Trail Riding Destination and the Best Trailside Pitstop. You can still vote in those categories by clicking here.

In Round 2, we want you to name your Dream Snowmobiling Destination, and the Best Hotel or Resort Catering To Snowmobilers. That right – you know the places we’re talking about; they have friendly staff, are located in the right town or area, offer friendly service to snowmobilers, maybe have a bar, restaurant or other services sledheads depend upon.

Vote now by clicking here in those two categories. And remember, we’ll randomly select one name to win a $25 gift certificate from sponsor Hi Performance Engineering, which helps make the SnowTime Awards possible.

In fact, the winner of the $25 certificate in Round 1 was New York’s Randy Feinen. He won $25 off of already great prices on snowmobile gear – you could too!

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