SnowTime Awards Round 3: Vote for the Best of Snowmobiling!

When you think of excellent powder riding, what do you envision? To most snowmobilers, thoughts of fresh, light, powdery snow pouring over your sled’s hood and windshield is a dream scenario – and, unfortunately, a far too rare occasion. But there certainly are locations across the Snowbelt where this situation is more common than others. If you were going to choose one location to go find that dream powder, where would it be?

That’s one question is round three of the Snow Goer SnowTime Awards, presented by Hi Performance Engineering.

The other question in round three: Name the Best Trailside Restaurant. By that, we mean a place you’d go for dinner and except a high-quality meal – something like prime rib, steak, Italian food or salmon, etc., served with a baked potato, maybe a dinner salad — as opposed to the Trailside Pitstop we asked about in round one.  When you want the best of the best when you’re out riding, and paying a higher rate for a better-quality meal is acceptable, where do you go?

To vote, just head over to the SnowTime Awards page and let us know your favorite spots!

Remember, we’ll randomly select one name to win a $25 gift certificate from sponsor Hi Performance Engineering, which helps make the SnowTime Awards possible.


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