Snowmobile Season Has Begun (At The Snow Goer Offices)!

A glance at the calendar will tell you that we’ve creeped into mid June. The kids are finally out of school and temperatures have definitely warmed, but we’re still a week away from the summer solstice. Except for the lovable-and-crazy watercross crowd (which has been getting some fabulous publicity lately on TV and in the Wall Street Journal), boats not sleds are dominating the lakes.

Yet here in the Snow Goer offices, the snowmobile season has now begun. That’s right, we’re on deadline for the season premier issue of Snow Goer, which will be written and designed over the course of the next month, shipped to the printer in mid-July and then mailed to subscribers’ homes in early August. Our sales team is banging on doors looking for advertisements, our edit team is pouring over our riding notes from last winter, our art and production guys are getting ready to make it all look beautiful and our circulation team is updating the subscriber lists and alerting the newsstands — Snow Goer will soon be on the way.

So, you might ask, how does this affect YOU, the better-than-average, smarter-than-normal snowmobiler? Well, it’s time to share your photos, give us your feedback and see your name (and/or photos) in print!

Snow Goer's famous What's Hot/What's Not department depends on readers like you. Submit photos to .

Send you favorite, high-resolution, snowmobile-related images to for our What’s Hot/What’s Not department — please put What’s Hot in the subject line if possible. Scenic images, friends stuck in powder, your zany cousin who rode into her wedding ceremony on a sled, your idiot neighbor who mounted his ski backwards — whatever you find interesting and are willing to share. Include your name and hometown in the email. One quick caveat: If you have small, low-resolution images taken on a cell phone camera, they likely won’t be of a high-enough quality to print.

While you’re at it, send us your feedback for the Your Turn department to the same address — If you don’t like what Managing Editor Andy Swanson had to say about a product he reviewed, think we’re biased for or against one brand or another, are seeking technical advice on something related to sleds, have a great story to tell or merely want to sound off about something related to the sport, the Your Turn department is your outlet.

Yep, it may look like summer outside, but for the hardcore sledheads, it’s ALWAYS snowmobile season!


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