Sneak Peek: Ski-Doo Releases Two '08 Snowmobile

February 22, 2007
Ski-Doo’s official 2008 release date isn’t for another two weeks, but the company is giving an early glance at two machines: the MX Z 800R Adrenaline and the new Summit 800R Everest. Both come on a Ski-Doo platform called the REV-XP and both are powered by the 151 hp Rotax 800R PowerT.E.K. engine.
Weight reduction on these machines, and via the REV XP chassis is dramatic — upwards of a 50 pound reduction over the comparable machine from 2007. Driveline changes also subtract weight.
“BRP revolutionized the snowmobile industry five years ago with the introduction of the REV platform. We believe the REV-XP platform is an even greater step forward for the sport and want our customers to experience the thrill of test driving it,” Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, Snowmobiles, Watercraft, Sport boats and ATVs said in a press release.
For those saying, “Did I just see this?” the answer is yes, if they were at the Grand Prix de Valcourt in Quebec on Feb. 16–18. The new platform made its public debut as an Open Mod race sled, where it won both the Pro and Semi-Pro Open classes.
For the rest who say, “Where can I see it now?”, BRP has issued “a substantial fleet” of these pre-production units to its sales staff. Test rides will be available through Ski-Doo dealers.
Here’s an overview on the changes, according to BRP:
The REV-XP Chassis:The REV-XP platform keeps critical REV DNA – a driver-centered riding position, a centralized masses, a pyramidal frame, a double A arm front suspension – but only shares handlebar controls and Pilot skis. Everything else is new and improved.
Chassis Development Goals:
• Set a new industry benchmark for lightweight snowmobiles
• Create a more flexible riding position – from more athletic to more relaxed
• Set new standards in long-ride comfort, wind protection, top speed, fit/finish and gauges
The Skinny On The Skinny:New standard in lightweight and strength. 10-15% lighter (about 50 lbs/23 kg) than REV-based models – while the chassis is 37% stronger. Every element of the platform was redesigned for lighter weight without compromising durability.
Ergos: Next-generation driver-centered riding position. More legroom (8 in/20 cm) and a slightly higher seating position (1 in/2.5 cm). The benefits: more comfortable for longer-legged or touring-style riders. This also allows performance-minded riders to move further forward on the vehicle for improved trail and mountain riding. Extra room made possible by moving jackshaft and secondary clutch above the tunnel.
Styling: Striking facetised styling. Cutting-edge design inspired by stealth aircraft. Intersecting planes wrapping around the mechanical package convey an athletic, agile, lightweight and futuristic look. It has new analog/digital gauges. The premium version features multi-function three-zone LCD screen, including optional 10-minute “record” mode, in addition to analog speedometer and tachometer. Standard version has analog speedometer and tachometer with LCD display. All REV-XP-based models get electric fuel gauges.
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