Sled Racer Gets Hall O’ Fame Recognition

It’s not often that “one of us” from the snowmobiling world gets mainstream recognition from a community hall of fame, so when it does, it’s cause for celebration.

Therefore, let’s all give three loud cheers (or at least publical recognition) for the accomplishments of former oval and ice drag racer Gord MacDonald. Last week, MacDonald was inducted in the Cape Breton Sport Heritage Hall of Fame in his native Nova Scotia.

An article in the Cape Breton Post brushes over the edge of some of MacDonald’s accomplishments racing sleds. We’re guessing most folks who are hard-core snowmobile racing enthusiasts will first recall all of MacDonald’s accomplishments going very, very fast in a straight line with his highly modified Ski-Doos. But his accomplishments run much deeper.

In the article, MacDonald recalls growing up a sledhead and starting racing at a young age. “I think I was an aggressive rider, long and lean and with no fear,” MacDonald told the Cape Breton Post. “That was all good combinations for success on the oval. For me it was the only thing I really concentrated on. That was what I wanted to do.”

Highlighted in the article from his oval days were a 31-victory season in 1976 and a 1993 class title at the Eagle River World Championship — though, by our memory and from double-checking back issues, we think it was actually the 1994 race, when we saw him win the Formula 250 class by a half-lap on his Ski-Doo based mod.

MacDonald left oval racing years ago, but has stayed very active in straightline racing — including ice and asphalt. When he and his 88x race team from the Canadian Maritimes would venture into New England or the Upper Midwest with their race sleds, it immediately upped the level of competitiveness at an event. Plus, his Gord’s Sport Centre Racing dealership in Sydney, Nova Scotia, has become a powerhouse of its own, including having a wonderful charity motorcycle ride every year called Gord’s Ride 4 A Cure.

Add it all up, and you’ve got the makings of a hall-of-fame resume — and apparently the Cape Breton Sports Heritage people agreed. So, congratulations, Gord!

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