Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. Returns To Support Clubs, The Sport

Enhanced trails, better bridges, stronger clubs and additional support to protect the sport of snowmobiling: What’s not to like?

A program that Ski-Doo’s parent company BRP launched a year ago to support the grassroots aspect of the sport is being renewed for the 2022-23 season. That means more money is going to flow from the market share leader to the people, clubs and organizations that make our sport possible.

The Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. (Protect, Access, Sustain, Support) program was launched a year ago at the International Snowmobile Congress in Nebraska. After applications were received over the summer and early fall, the company wrote more than $580,000 worth of checks to help support more than 100 projects across the North American Snowbelt. Each club that applies is eligible for up to $5,000 in matching support.

Much like last year, Ski-Doo’s Steve Cowing didn’t announce at the 2022 Snowmobile Congress (held in Iowa this year) a budget for how much money the company plans to spend this year. However, he did encourage clubs and organizations to apply for the generous program. More details are in the press release from Ski-Doo posted below.


Valcourt, Quebec, June 9, 2022 — After an incredibly successful inaugural year, The Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. (Protect, Access, Sustain, Support) grant program is back for another season to help fund community-led projects that improve the sport of snowmobiling. The grant program offers up to $5,000 in matching funds to national, provincial, state and local associations and clubs engaged in the many activities that ensure the health of the sport.

       In its inaugural season, and through the efforts of selfless volunteers and our amazing network of dealers, the Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. grant program provided more than $580,000 in funding towards more than 100 projects for snowmobile organizations across North America. Those projects allowed hundreds of thousands of riders to continue to enjoy the trails and backcountry access across North America.

       “The success of the Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. program was nothing short of phenomenal, so we’re thrilled to announce we are now accepting applications for the 2022-23 season and encourage clubs and organizations to submit their applications soon,” said Anne-Marie LaBerge, Senior Vice- President, Global Marketing and Communications. “We’re very proud to help support these outstanding volunteers as they continue their efforts to improve snowmobiling across North America,” LaBerge added.

       The objectives of the program set forth last year remain the same; protecting or increasing access to playgrounds, making snowmobiling more accessible to all, helping clubs re-invent themselves, trail development and safety Initiatives. Applications for the program are being accepted online now through September 15th, 2022, with organizations being notified in October 2022 if their request will be funded.

Grant Program Basics:

  • Organizations submitting an application must be a non-profit or government organization
  • Grants are limited to a maximum of $5,000 per request
  • There must be matching funds of at least the same amount as requested from other sources

To apply, hit the appropriate link below.   
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Canada – French:
US English:

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