Ski-Doo Makes RAS 2 Front End Available For 2008-14 Sleds

The new front end geometry that Ski-Doo unveiled on select 2015 snowmobiles is now available for riders on other recent-year Ski-Doos.

This week, Ski-Doo announced a retrofit kit that will allow owners of 2008-14 REV-XP, -XS and -XM to replace their A-arms, spindles, tie rods and shocks with new components that will give them the straight-line bump tracking and lighter weight advantages of the RAS 2.

The kits costs $749 and will be available in two different widths – a 42-inch ski stance setup for MX Z, GSX and select Renegade models, and a 36-incher that may appeal to those who want to upgrade their Summit.

It’s an interesting move by Ski-Doo officials. We’re guessing they’ll sell quite a few kits, but at the same time they are taking away one of the major reasons to upgrade to a 2015 model.skidoo 42


Below is the full press release from Ski-Doo

Valcourt, QC, October 14, 2014 – BRP makes it easy for owners of older Ski-Doo snowmobiles to upgrade to the latest front suspension with the RAS 2 Front Suspension kit. This kit delivers the same RAS 2 benefits of better straight-line tracking in big bumps, lighter weight and great styling – with X Package calibration, at a great price.

The RAS 2 Front Suspension improves handling and lightens most 2008–2014 Ski-Doo trail or mountain models by replacing the major front suspension components, and is a direct bolt on to existing chassis mounts. Of interest to owners of older Summits is the chance to change to the 36 inch ski stance as well as upgrade to the RAS 2 at the same time. The special pricing of the kit also makes it very attractive forowners that may have front-end damage, allowing them to upgrade and repair at the same time for a low cost.

The RAS 2 kit comes in two different widths, one for trail use at a 42” ski stance and one for mountain use at a 36” stance. Both kits come with everything needed for REV-XP, REV-XS and REV-XM chassis snowmobiles. Components included are upper and lower A-arms, both spindles, tie rods, both shocks and all hardware needed.

For information on all the genuine BRP accessories to fit your ride visit or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

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