Ski-Doo Listens, Offers Muted Color Options On 2015 Spring-Order Snowmobiles


It ain’t easy living on fashion’s cutting edge.

Team Snow Goer wouldn’t necessarily know that from personal experience – timeless blue jeans and a sweatshirt are more our style. Ski-Doo designers found out first hand, however, that being fashion forward has its risks when it unveiled its loud and proud 2015 snowmobile lineup last week.

At the dealer meeting, on message boards and on social media, certainly there were some who were immediately drawn to the dazzling Fusion Red, eye-popping Race Orange and neon Sunburst Yellow and brilliant Lava Red found on several spring-order models for 2015. Suspension rails, tunnels, spindles, skis — even handlebar risers had bright colors in some instances. There were, however, also a lot of detractors that were almost as loud as those colors – with many comments from consumers too rough to be repeated on this family-friendly website.

Luckily for customers or potential customers who don’t want to be on that edge, Ski-Doo was able to do something about it. The company sent out notice that it is adding some muted designs to some key models, so color choice shouldn’t be a deterrent to those seeking a super-long Summit or a race-ready Renegade.

Now, a customer can order an MX Z or Renegade X-RS model in black-on-black, with grey graphics instead of only having the Fusion Red/Sunburst Yellow combination. (As an aside, are we the only ones shocked to see the word “Fusion” back in the snowmobile market?!)

2015 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS
The MX Z and Renegade X-RS models will now have two color options for spring buyers.

Similarly, those who weren’t excited about the Magenta rails, spindles, riser, piping and graphics on the 2015 Freeride models shown last week can now order it in Manta Green with black accents instead.

2015 Ski-Doo Freeride 137
Some folks didn’t like the Magenta/Hot Pink accents on the Freeride. Now, this Ski-Doo model can be ordered either with or without.

And those T3 package Summit models with 174- or 163-inch tracks with 3-inch lugs? It doesn’t have to come in overwhelming Sunburst Yellow if you don’t want that much attention to your sled in the parking lot. Instead, get it in Deep Black with red accents, and let your riding be the thing that draws the attention.

2015 Ski-Doo Summit X T3
Many mountain riders like the concept of the 174-inch track; not everybody was as crazy about the bright yellow color. Now, this Summit can be ordered in black with red, too.

To see full details on the 2015 Ski-Doo lineup, click here. For initial ride impressions on the new T3 Summit models, click here.


4 thoughts on “Ski-Doo Listens, Offers Muted Color Options On 2015 Spring-Order Snowmobiles

  • Avatar for Dubster

    Great! Now if they would just add the E-Tec 600 option on the Renegade XRS.

  • Avatar for Travis Davis

    if a person is spending $14,000.00 on a sled u should be able to pick a different lug track other than just a 1.25. A 800 short track with 1.5 or 1.625 track would be sweet!!!!!

  • Avatar for burnzie

    to late I already ordered a switchback pro-x 800

  • Avatar for kevin healey

    ski-doo’s web site already showed a black color option for the mxz xrs with only the 800 motor option. The real question Snowgoer did not tell was if ski-doo will do it with the 600 motor.


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