Ski-Doo LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System Review

LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System
The Ski-Doo LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System is a comfortable alternative to a full-on 2-up sled.

You want a new sled, and are dreaming of a fun, nimble trail rocket to ride with your buddies. But then reality takes a moment to interject: you have a couple young kids or a spouse who want to be included in some of the action, but you don’t have Rockefeller money to buy more than one sled. So, what to do? Ski-Doo has a great option if solo riding is your main task, but you have a few 2-up rides sprinkled in.

Last winter a friend of the Snow Goer staff tested the Ski-Doo LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System on his 2013 MX Z TNT 600 H.O. E-TEC. This set-up essentially provides a sled with a single seat for most normal riding situations, and the option to easily convert to a 2-up sled with a back rest, hand grabs and a raised seating position for the passenger. This transition can happen in seconds after initial installation of two brackets on the tunnel. The system can also be quickly converted back to the seat cushion as well, but the cushion that comes with the system works fine for most 1-up trail riding.

LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System
The LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System can be easily unhooked so the regular cushion can be snapped into place.

This isn’t a full-fledged 2-up package with heated grips and foot rests, so if 2-up riding is your main activity a regular 2-up sled is still the best choice. But if you need to occasionally carry a passenger and want to do it comfortably, this is a great option. For our friend’s needs it was perfect because the sled was used 85 percent of the time as a 1-up trail machine, but the other times it was used to carry a kid for a trail ride or to an ice fishing spot. Since our pal hauled kids as passengers he did not need stiffer rear springs, but they are available from Ski-Doo if necessary.

Riding 2-up on a single seat isn’t typically comfortable, and it can be dangerous as well, so this accessory is really a great choice to make a Ski-Doo more flexible and usable for more people than just mom or dad. And, in the end that’s what snowmobiling is all about – getting out, using the equipment and having fun!

LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System – $764.99
Valcourt, Quebec

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