Scheuring & Straightline Team Up For 2012-13 Snowmobile Snocross Season

Scheuring Speed Sports’ Robbie Malinowski (pictured) and Darrin Mees have a log of changed going on: Earlier this year, Tim Tremblay was added to the team; Thursday it was announced they had a new engine performance parts supplier in Straightline Performance.

First, Scheuring Speed Sports owner Steve Scheuring switched his team to Ski-Doo two summers ago. Then his veteran driver Robbie Malinoski successfully became a podium regular in the ISOC Amsoil Championship Series last winter en route to a third place points season while rookie teammate Darrin Mees earned Pro rookie of the year honors last year. Then Scheuring signed defending ISOC Pro Open champion Tim Tremblay to join in Amsoil/Rock Star Energy/U.S. Air Force team for this coming winter.

So, how could the Scheuring team put further pressure on the competition? How about signing on with a top-notch performance company?

We found out today that Straightline Performance will be the engine performance parts provider for Scheuring Speed Sports for the 2012-13 snocross season. Based in Forest Lake, Minnesota, Straightline has been a key horsepower provider for top racers in many different facets of the snowmobile racing, but this is expected to be a more high-profile partnership.

Straightline Performance Owner Jason Houle told us he’ll be testing and building a performance package that will include cylinder heads, exhaust and ignition systems for all three Scheuring drivers this winter. He’ll also be at select races, though Scheuring and his crew of experts, including the legendary Steve Thorsen, Tony Clement and Elliot Burns, will do the day-to-day tuning and setup on the sleds.

Furthermore, look for the Straightline Performance logo on the Ski-Doo race sleds, the hauler and other Scheuring Speed Sports equipment.

In a press release we received moments ago, Scheuring is said to be “excited for the 2012-13 race season with the teams ‘Triple Threat’ of riders: Robbie Malinoski, Tim Tremblay, and Darrin Mees.  The addition of Straightline Performance, a proven performance company, simply ads that extra boost to the team. “

Jason Houle said he is stoked to work with Steve [Schuering], as Schuering’s “professionalism is what Straightline Performance is all about.”

Changes in the rules for Pro Open snocross for the coming season will have a direct effect on race teams and the way they build their race sleds. The rules have been tightened to disallow changes in the cylinder or the crankshaft, putting more pressure on having the right head, exhaust, clutching, jetting and suspension setup, Houle said.

In the phone call with Snow Goer, Houle said he and Scheuring had worked together on some projects in the past, and noted that they might have had us wondering when we spotted Houle’s asphalt race sled working out of the huge Amsoil trailer at the Brainerd International Raceway NHRA Nationals this past August. So the partnership has been in discussion for some time, but has just been finalized recently, he said.

The ISOC snowmobile snocross racing season kicks off November 23-25 in Duluth, Minnesota, with the Amsoil Duluth National Presented by Bully Dog at Spirit Mountain.

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