Rideable Snow In Minnesota

January 12, 2007
Members of the Snow Goer staff just returned from a daytrip to Minnesota’s Iron Range. We found unexpectedly good snow.
We rode out of Eveleth and through Virginia, where the trails were snow-covered but a bit icy.
We continued north to the Taconite Trail and headed east. The trail was groomed and snow-covered. There isn’t more than a foot on the trail’s edge, but the groomers have packed a good base and there were no bare spots. Temperatures were in the 0 range, so nothing was melting.
We ate at Benchwarmers in Tower, and met two groups of snowmobilers — including a pair of riders from Florida. In all, we met less than 10 people on the trail.
The only places of caution are in some swamp areas. Grasses are not covered, and there are some deep divots.

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