Red Bull Cancels Snow Boundaries Snowmobile Event

Next weekend (March 26-29) was supposed to be an action-packed weekend for extreme snowmobilers and snowmobile racing fans in both the West and the Upper Midwest. Instead, it’s now looking like a weekend to either plan a trip to the snowy Northwest, or start summerizing your sleds.

Word came today that the Red Bull Snow Boundaries event, originally planned for the Duluth, Minnesota, area before being moved to Ironwood, Michigan, in pursuit of snow, will be cancelled this year, thanks to the early spring that has shut down snowmobile riding (and skiing, and ice fishing, and all sorts of other fun stuff!) for the year in the Upper Midwest. The good news is that the folks from Red Bull are already talking about their commitment to the event in 2016, so fans and competitors can still plan on this unique and rugged event — they’re just going to have to wait about 12 months to see it happen.

The press release from Red Bull in below. snowbound

The event’s cancellation comes less than a week after the Jackson Hole World Championship Hill Climb, planned for the same weekend in Jackson, Wyoming, was cancelled due to avalanche danger caused by poor snow conditions.

That’s not to say that snowmobiling in all done across North America. The Snow Goer email system was filled over the weekend with riders from the Northeast and select locations in the Mountain West proudly showing the fact that they are still riding in very good conditions.

Here’s the press release from Red Bull.



First-of-its-Kind Event to Return to New Location in 2016

IRONWOOD, MI  – Continued warm weather and a fast melting snow pack at Big Powderhorn Mountain in Michigan has forced the cancellation of Red Bull Snow Boundaries, a first-of-its-kind snowmobile enduro race, scheduled to be held March 27. An extremely abnormal stretch of warm weather has proved too much to overcome as event organizers took a first hand look at course conditions and determined the current layout to be unsatisfactory for an endurance event. All possible alternatives were explored, but the warm weather, limited snow cover and concern for driver / equipment safety ultimately yielded the final decision.

Red Bull is extremely appreciative of the athletes who committed to participate in what was to be a snowmobile event designed to push the limits of rider and machine, and expand the boundaries of snowmobile competition. Red Bull remains firmly committed to the event and will work closely with racers, industry experts, and factory race departments to bring this event to the snowmobiling community in 2016.  Athletes that signed up to race this year will be the first to know about details for next year’s event.

Watch for future communications regarding Red Bull Snow Boundaries 2016 including dates and location.

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