Polaris Will Race New ISOC Race Series

Management of the Polaris Snowmobile Division and the Polaris Racing Program have endorsed the International Series of Champions (ISOC) race circuit for the upcoming 2008-’09 ISOC race season.
ISOC is currently positioning itself to be the premier North American snocross race circuit in the wake of the dissolution of the World PowerSports Association (WPSA). Polaris spokesmen said they are optimistic about the ISOC approach to racing.
“Like our fellow OEMs, Polaris is eager to support a race circuit that provides great competition opportunities and entertaining race events for snowmobile enthusiasts,” said Polaris Snowmobile Division Vice President Scott Swenson. ”We feel that ISOC is taking all the right steps to provide exactly that type of racing environment. We are currently committed to having our Polaris racers focus on the ISOC circuit this coming winter.”
Polaris Racing Manager Tom Rager, Sr., also endorsed ISOC.
“We have known the folks in ISOC management for many years and we feel they really know and understand racing and the business of racing,” Rager said. “We see their commitment to sanctioning safe, entertaining and competitive racing and like the plans they have put forth so far. We look forward to having our Polaris racers compete for ISOC points titles next winter.”
ISOC is based in Albertville, Minnesota, and is led by former cross-country racer John Daniels. He also oversees Sledhead 24/7, which creates multi-media news and entertainment for snowmobiling enthusiasts. Sledhead 24/7 has a presence on regional television and radio, on the internet and in videos it produces.

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