Polaris Updates its 2010 Sled Lineup

June 10, 2009

The 2010 700 RMK 155 is equipped like its stablemate 600 RMK.
Polaris announced a few changes to its 2010 lineup of snowmobiles, including the return of the 700 RMK.

Polaris said “dealer and consumer demand” were cause to bring back the 700 RMK 155 after it was initially left off of the 2010 build list. It’s spec’d like the 600 RMK, with the same features and graphics package on a black hood. Retail price is $9,799.

The Assault RMK will have Walker Evans coil-over Needle shocks up front rather than the Walker Air shocks the company has used on premium mountain sleds since 2007. Polaris made the change because the coil-over shocks offer better big-bump performance, which is important to Assault customers. The shocks are more costly, Polaris said, but the sled’s retail price will not increase.

All of the all-new Rush machines will be shipped with a low black windshield. Polaris initially planned to ship the sleds without a window. Customers who ordered their Rush this spring with an accessory mid or tall windshield will be accommodated through their dealer. Youth 120 models will receive an update to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s lead law for children’s toys. The kit includes new bushings, grease zerks, nuts, cables and fasteners.

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