Polaris Readies Its Pro XR 440

An all-new over-the-engine steering post improves ergonomics and centralizes weight, Polaris officials said. Officials said the system makes the sled quicker in tight corners.

Material from the hood and nosepan have been removed, which will allow riders to position themselves farther forward to aid in cornering.

The recoil handle and tether switch have been moved to the center of the steering column.

The rear suspension uses a longer front torque arm than the 2003 440 Pro X to prevent bottoming.

Walker Evans compression adjustable shocks are mounted in the front and rear suspensions. A 1-inch longer reservoir on the rear track shock has increased oil volume to reduce shock fade.

Engine improvements include stronger VForce reeds for better throttle response and an improved Dragon ignition system for better holeshot performance.

The 2004 Pro XR 440 is dressed in a black nosepan and Indy Red hood featuring a new dragon decal and silver, black and white flames.

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