Polaris Launches Early 2010 Model: The 600 Rush

Polaris released its 2010 600 Rush along with plans for a demo tour. Look now for an opportunity to experience this exciting, innovative sled.

It’s too early to tell whether this sled will prove to be a game-changer, but one thing is for certain: the 600 RUSH will mark the point in time when the industry first realized the benefits of a progressive rear suspension. This is an innovation.

The 600 RUSH is housed in the new Pro Ride chassis, which is far more rigid than the IQ models. The RUSH is powered by the Liberty 600 CFI-2 (two-injector) engine. It has a claimed weight of 459 pounds and comes with Walker Evans remote reservoir clicker shocks on the front and on the innovative rear suspension. Driver adjustments are accessed easily under the seat.

To date, snowmobile skid frames have been limited by their inside-the-track design to absorb impact forces. Now with the linkage moved outside the track, the system is the industry’s first progressive rate rear suspension that does not bottom. Progressive, rising rate suspensions have been on the fronts of sleds, often times outpacing what the rear can accomplish.

Progressive suspension, with a linear rising rate, has been on the front end of snowmobiles for some time.

“The new Polaris 600 RUSH truly marks a turning point for the snowmobile industry,” said Scott Swenson, vice president, Snowmobile Division of Polaris Industries Inc. “The progressive-rate rear suspension has been proven in Motocross; Polaris has now become the first company to bring it to snowmobiles. This innovative suspension combined with the new super-rigid PRO-RIDE chassis provides riders with an unprecedented level of rider-active control including improvements in acceleration and cornering.”

Our first encounter with the sled at Daniel’s Summit, Utah Jan. 22 confirmed two things: 1) There are great benefits to the new Polaris chassis. It corners flatter, rides better and handles bumps like nothing before it; and 2) People have to get out and ride one to discover themselves the benefits to the progressive rear suspension.

Polaris set up a RUSH-specific website at www.polarisrush.com for more information.

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