Pink Ribbon Charity Ride Tour Dates Announced

Charity rides and snowmobiling go together like peanut butter and jelly, for several different reasons. First, it gives us all a great excuse to ride our sleds, but it also plays upon the very charitable nature of snowmobilers. As a group, snowmobilers have a long history of being “giving” people. Maybe that’s best evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of our trail network is created by snowmobilers themselves to share with other snowmobilers, but it’s also reflected by the many, many charity events and fundraisers that snowmobilers and their clubs create.

Perhaps the best-organized and most supported traveling charity ride to grow directly out of our sport is from the Pink Ribbon Riders, and that group has announced its 2020 Snow Run dates. With events in Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming and New York, there might be one close to you. See the organization’s press release below.

Image from Pink Ribbon Riders event in Minnesota.

Moreover, if you are a part of a group that holds a charity ride, please forward information to us at We’d like to put together the sport’s most comprehensive online guide to charity rides — but we need your help to get that done.

Pink Ribbon Riders Announces 2020 Snow Run Tour

The Pink Ribbon Riders 2020 Snow Run Tour will hit the roads for 16 years of helping those in need and celebrates 14 years as an organization. 

Fundraising events open to men and women to help make one day a little less stressful for those battling breast cancer.

 Snow or no snow the event must go on! Cancer does not care what the weather is! The Snow Run event is a one day event that makes impact all year long through the giving it provides. The Pink Ribbon Riders organization continues to help those in need by hosting the “Snow Run Tour” that consists of 4 Snow Run events held in 4 states but combines people from all over the United States.  

The Snow Run event celebrates 16 years of the event existence and 14 years of the organization being formed. Since the organization was formed 14 years ago, $1.9 million dollars has been given to those in need. 

The Snow Run event is open to men and women of all ages and is a day of fun planned for those attending. The event day is packed with an activity of snowmobiling and finishes up with a banquet and awards dinner.  You can attend the event if you are a rider or non- rider, the goal is getting together for a great cause of helping those in need.

The Pink Ribbon Riders organization is also very well represented at snowmobile shows and events. Image from before-hours at the 2017 Big East Powersports Show.

 The Snow Run Tour will kick off in January in Michigan and continue to New York, Minnesota and end out west in Wyoming. Participants are encouraged to raise pledges for the event, but the event also includes a bra decorating contest, auctions and lots more! We say come as an adult but have kid fun!  

The mission of the Pink Ribbon Riders organization is to provide direct financial assistance to men and women battling breast cancer and make on day less stressful. Financial gifts are given in $500.00 increments through the Patient Assistance Program.  For more information on how to sign up for an event, or share with a friend about the Patient Assistance Program visit us at:

2020 Snow Run Tour Schedule:

January 18th – Michigan Snow Run, Eagles Lodge, Gaylord

February 8th-New York Snow Run, George Hildebrandt Recreation Center, Old Forge

February 15th–  Minnesota Snow Run, Sugar Lake Lodge, Grand Rapids, MN

March 13 & 14  -Wyoming Snow Run, Togwotee Mountain Lodge, Moran 

Pink Ribbon Riders is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization. The Pink Ribbon Riders name is trademarked and registered.

Pink Ribbon Riders, 5420  Beckley Road, Suite 334, Battle Creek, MI 49015 


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