New Justin Bieber Music Video Features Snowmobiling, Kind Of

Canada-native Justin Bieber launched a new song and music video recently featuring him and sidekick Don Toliver ripping around on a pair of mountain sleds… kind of.

The video for the pop star’s latest song, titled “Honest,” was released April 28. It opens with Bieber (sometimes in an orange headsock for some strange reason) singing to the camera in a ski lodge and spilling coffee all over the place. It quickly transitions to Bieber and Toliver each aggressively “riding” snowmobiles (with the Biebs on a Ski-Doo and Toliver on an Arctic Cat) with each singer carrying a female passenger.

All four snowmobile riders are unhelmeted, and nobody’s hair moves despite their aggressive riding – a sure sign that those scenes were generated with unmoving snowmobiles parked in front of a green screen.

There are a few scenes dubbed in throughout the video where some minor carving is being done with the sleds – very likely with other people riding the snowmobiles because suddenly more of the drivers’ faces are covered than in the earlier scenes. When the sleds park, the video then evolves – we’re sure just like most of your snowmobile adventures?!?! – into a shootout with some bad guys, a little smoking and a campfire scene.

OK, the video is laughable, but when have music videos ever been realistic (do you really think Toni Basil was a cheerleader or that the Beastie Boys were international spies?!)? So, take it with a huge grain of salt.

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