New Definition of Classic Adds '90s Snowmobiles At Waconia

There’s a new definition of “old,” and I fear that it may include me!

The organizers of the huge Waconia Ride-In Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Show have announced that sleds built as recently as 1995 will be included at the show this year. Why? Well, first those machine are now 20 years old, which makes them somewhat classic. Also, by doing so, the event is able to recognize some of the big triple-piped-triple musclesleds that started coming out in that era.

The announcement takes me back to this year’s Haydays Grass Drags, where I spotted a 1994 Polaris Indy Storm parked next to all of the sleds from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. When I asked why, a collector told me that sleds of that era are now starting to be considered classic and collectible. I gasped, because that was the first year of sleds I started test riding when I joined the Snow Goer staff, and I’m still a very, very young man… or, at least, that’s what I try to tell myself each day!

Below is the press release from the Waconia Ride In.

 New Classic Class At Waconia Ride-In


The world’s largest vintage snowmobile event is inviting a whole new audience to its January show.  The Waconia Ride-In announces that it has created a new Classic class to include snowmobiles model years 1986-1995.  Before now, snowmobiles from this decade were not involved in vintage snowmobile events.  This marks the first time that a major old snowmobile show has honored snowmobiles that are 20-25 years old.

This move to incorporate a new generation of old snowmobile fans has been inevitable.  After all, these sleds were the “first ride” for many of today’s younger adults and middle aged snow-belt residents.  “It is time to invite them to the party,” stated Waconia Ride-In President John Zeglin.  “We invite a new generation of collectors to the vintage hobby.”

Who knows, this Classic class may well catch on with other vintage snowmobile events because the 1986-1995 snowmobiles are readily available and at reasonable prices.  After all, as the older vintage snowmobile “barn finds” dry up, these machines will fill the demand.  The demand is fueled by fathers and mothers wanting to involve their children in winter outdoor recreation that they themselves enjoyed as teenagers and young adults.  With new snowmobiles today costing over $ 10,000 it appears that these Classic class snowmobiles fit the bill for affordable family fun in the cold crisp winter air!

Many vintage collectors have begun adding these “newer sleds” to their collections. This era featured robust sales of high quality snowmobiles from all four manufacturers.  Several limited build, mid-year intro models and high performance “muscle” machines and racers are now sought after.  Think early XCR, XLT Special, V-Max-4, EXT Special, Wildcat, Mach 1, Plus X and you remember those heady times.

In fact, this January 24 & 25, 2015 Waconia Ride-In will celebrate its 25th anniversary!  This year we honor Minnesota Icons – the two remaining Minnesota snowmobile manufacturers that have provided over 50 years of fun times and memories for generations of those of us who refuse to hide inside throughout the winter months.  This is not a competition between the two Minnesota brands, but rather a celebration of their combined contribution to winter outdoor excitement.

Many snowmobilers include the Waconia Ride-In as a bucket list must.  Visit to learn about the weekend jam packed with antique, vintage and classic snowmobile fun.  For example, did you know that their trail ride alone includes more than 500 participants?

Come join the fun and at their Sunday judged show see the new Classic class including both Survivor and Restored categories.

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