MWR Racer Killed In Auto Accident

One of the top racers on the MWR SnoCross Circuit was killed last night (2/5/09) in an auto accident

#163 Sam McLam
#163 Sam McLam

near Moscow, ID. Sam McLam was traveling down a gravel road in the rain, when him and his friend lost control and Sam was killed. His friend survived and is doing OK. Sam was graduating high school and was planning on attending college next Fall. This was to be his last year on the circuit.

Sam was one of the stars of the MWR SnoCross Circuit. He will forever be remembered for his hard fought competition with Colby Crapo, his fellow racer and good friend. Just last weekend they came in #1 and #2 in Pro Open and Pro Super Stock at Alpine. This time Colby took the win but it has been many times Sam was in the lead. At the Seeley Lake SnoCross two weeks ago, Sam was in the lead when he fell from his sled and Colby was right behind him. So close in fact, that Colby’s ski hit Sam. Colby immediately stopped his sled and ran back to make sure Sam was OK.

Sam will be greatly missed and our heart felt condolences go out to his family.

More information has been posted on the MWR web site.

4 thoughts on “MWR Racer Killed In Auto Accident

  • Avatar for David Crapo

    Sam is a great young man, he and his Dad Kurt & Mom Shelly could be seen at many of the Nationals in MN together every year, and all the MWR races here in the West. He is a very talented young rider , who always had a bright smile and hello for anybody who came in contact with him. He will be dearly missed by all. My heart goes out to all his family!

  • Avatar for Cody Beckstrom

    Sam was a great friend to me while I knew him. I enjoyed working alongside him this summer and loved to hang out with him! I am so thankful I got to hang out with him in coeur d’alene a few weeks back at the races! He was all grins after winning that weekend. He will be greatly missed by all of us in st. anthony!

  • Avatar for Dan Stowell

    I was fortunate enough to see Sam grow through his entire snoX career. Not only very talented but a good sportsman. These qualities are a great tribute to his parents, Curt and Shelley. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thankyou for sharing this great kid with us at MWR.

  • Avatar for Kate Bentley

    I was fortunate to know Sam. Not very well, we only met or hung out a few times. I heard about his death today and could not stop crying. I had to leave and cant bare to read that article anymore. My heart goes out to family especially. This is a terrible loss and he’ll always be in our hearts and minds.

    RIP Sam McLam. <3


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