Multi-Sport Tourism Video To Include Snowmobiling

Talk about burying the lead… a nebulous story this week in The Business Times newspaper out of Grand Junction, Colorado, contained a concluding paragraph that raised some eyebrows for those who like snowmobiling and dream of combining it with other outdoor adventure activities. IMG_3492

The article was about Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s visit to the area for meetings and a bike ride to help promote outdoor recreation in the Grand Valley. In the article, Hickenlooper is paraphrased as saying that outdoor recreation industry could become one of the leading sectors of the future in creating jobs and economic growth in that area — and we know that many people certainly already go to Colorado to work and play. In fact, the goal goes beyond simple tourism — the local hosts and members of the newly formed Outdoor Recreational Coalition of the Grand Valley also hope all of the outdoor opportunities cause more young professionals to permanently settle in Colorado and drive other parts of the economy.

That all makes sense to me, though most of the article was admittedly about economic development and bicycles so my attention was starting to wane by the end of the article… until that last paragraph.

In it, it said that local business and outdoor nuts had recently shot a video called “Grand Day CO” that is expected to be released on June 1 featuring a man who going skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, road biking, jet boating and more, all in one day in the Grand Valley! Now that sort of multi-activity, one-day adventure has been on my bucket list or 20 years! We’ll keep an eye out for the video and will add a link when it goes live, but our hopes are high.


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