Moose vs. Snowmobiler Encounter Caught On Video In Maine

Remember the TV show “Man vs. Wild?” Well, a couple snowmobiling in Maine got to live it instead of watch it when they encountered an angry a Moose along a snowmobile trail on Friday, April 18. Best yet, their helmet-mounted camera caught the whole scene. That fascinating 2:24 video is now gaining a following on YouTube.

The video captures the moose squaring off against the couple and charging the man. The moose finally trotted off after the man’s wife fired a handgun in the air in an attempt to scare the moose away.

According to a story in the Bangor Daily News, the couple in the video are Janis and Bob Powell from New Hampshire. They had previously encountered moose on the trail multiple times, but this time this particular moose apparently didn’t like being followed. He suddenly turned, squared off against Bob Powell and his snowmobile, stared them down and then charged. As Bob Powell ran, the moose charged right up to his, romping and pawing at him, and head-butting him in the back.

In an interview with The Bangor Daily News, Janis Powell said, “We could see he had his hair up, his ears back, head down and was stomping his feet. We knew something was up.”

Click here to see the video the couple caught of the moose encounter.

Click through to read the Bangor Daily News story.

One thought on “Moose vs. Snowmobiler Encounter Caught On Video In Maine

  • Avatar for Dubster

    That’s what those idiots deserved for chasing a moose down the trail and one of the reasons snowmobilers get a bad reputation.


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