Watch the Moore Brothers' Frightening X-Games Crashes

Caleb and Colten Moore left the X-Games crowd catching their breath in Aspen. Both brothers ended their freestyle runs with ugly crashes while attempting backflips on the same 100-foot jump.

Caleb Moore caught his skis on the lip of the landing, sending him over the handlebars. His snowmobile flipped end-over-end, bouncing on top of him before sliding to the bottom of the ramp. He was able to stand and walk off the course after briefly being knocked unconscious, but said he began feeling worse after a likely concussion (number 11 by his count) and was brought to a hospital by ambulance. Doctors later noticed bleeding around Caleb’s heart. He was airlifted to Grand Junction, Colo., where he underwent emergency surgery for a heart contusion.

Colten Moore over-rotated his backflip, coming down hard off the back of his sled. He pointed to his right hip as paramedics surrounded him. He was also taken to a local hospital by ambulance. Doctors said he stayed there overnight with a separated pelvis.

The Texas brothers were favorites for the X-Games Freestyle podium after Colten won the gold and Caleb won the bronze in the 2012 X-Games. Minnesotan Levi LaVallee took gold in this year’s event.

See Colten’s crash below.

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