Ma’ Nature Wins: Iowa Oval Race Cancelled

Give this round to Ma’ Nature…
The planned season-opener on the Oval Racers Alliance schedule in Rock Rapids, Iowa, and second planned oval sprint race of the season, has been cancelled due to unseasonably (and, frankly, rather grotesque!) weather in the Upper Midwest.
Organizers were hope that the event, now an annual staple in the Midwestern oval racing circles (pun intended) which is hosted by an enthusiastic group of local supporters in Iowa, would be able to be salvaged, as a foot of ice had been put down and the track earlier in the week looked like it might hold up. But warm, rainy weather made that an impossibility. From what we know about the organizers, however, this is just a temporary setback.
Here’s the message that was posted on the Snow Ovals & Enduros Message Board this morning by Eric Borman, president of the hosting Lyon County Sno Lyons.
“Hey everyone, Mother Nature has unleashed her warm and rainy fury on us and we regret to inform you all that we will have to cancel our event for this year. The past 4-5 nights have stayed above freezing and the track was just to soft when the rain hit and it’s still raining as I type this. The track will not freeze up enough with what cold weather is coming the next couple of nights to make it suitable to try and make more ice. We take a big chance at having a race this early in the year as far South as we are and we always knew that some year we would get burned. Well obviously this is our year. We would rather not have all of you make the trip here and race on a crappy track and ruin your equipment. Instead we will just plan on next year and go for it again. We hope that all of you understand and support our decision and look forward to seeing you next year.
On behalf of the Lyon County Sno Lyons, thanks for understanding!
Sincerely, Eric Borman, Sno Lyons President”

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