Kardashian Crew Gaining Headlines Again, But For Snowmobiling This Time!

From the “why are these people famous again?” file comes this: Your first ever Kardashian Family & Kanye West Update on snowgoer.com. Don’t worry, we’re not considering changing formats to give TMZ a run for its money. Instead, we’re only talking about the Kardashians because they actually went snowmobiling this week as a part of a Colorado vacation.

In images posted on several star-gazing websites, but most notably and extensively on the British DailyMail site, member of the Kardashian clan can be seen donning helmets and boarding rented Ski-Doo snowmobiles near Vail, Colorado. They even show the ever-so-sadly-named child of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian – that being North West (no kidding) – being placed in front of momma bear and heading out on the sleds.

Wait, it gets even more ridiculous. Instead of wearing a snowmobiling jacket or even a skiing jacket while out on the sleds, Kardashian is pictured wearing a massive fur coat that dangles down onto the running boards. The photo essay is rather hilarious, but the images do show us a couple of important things: (1) There is still a lot of snow in Colorado, and that makes us want to plan a trip sometime very soon and; (2) Even the most irritating and self-absorbed of the look-at-me, look-at-me crowd can find fun in the wonderful sport that we all share.

Here’s another link to the story on the Daily Mail along with a photo (below) from Twitter. You’ll have to click through to the DailyMail site to see the images of the Kardashians shot by the paparazzi.

Kim Kardashian
This image was posted by Kim Kardashian West on her Twitter feed yesterday. It doesn’t show the actual sleds they were riding in the Vail backcountry – you’ll have to go to a stargazing site for that.

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