Jeff Moyle: Always looked for new challenges

By Lindsey Fontaine

Moyle Racing is a team that has become one that’s synonymous with snowmobile racing. Gary Moyle won Eagle River World Championship titles in 2005 and 2007. Certainly, there having been some crushing losses along the way, but none as devastating as the death of Jeff Moyle, 30, who was killed in a parasailing accident September 14 in Houghton County, Michigan.

Jeff Moyle began his snowmobile racing career in 1996 on the ice ovals. “He always had the most sleds in the trailer,” said brother Gary Moyle. Over the span of his ice oval racing career, Jeff Moyle raced in stock, sprint and champ classes. Soon after Jeff Moyle started racing on ice, he took up watercross racing.


September '07: Jeff Moyle in his Rally Car.
September '07: Jeff Moyle in his Rally Car.

After one season of racing in semi-pro ovals on the water, Jeff Moyle moved up to race in the pro class. “He was an incredibly intense person who quickly got very good at whatever he was doing, then he would move on to another challenge,” Andy Moyle said of his brother. After Jeff Moyle had his fill on liquid and frozen water, he chose his next challenge: rally car racing. 


Jeff Moyle began racing in the American Rally circuit in 2006 and wasted no time mastering that sport. His rally car racing career highlight came just two years after his first season when he qualified to race at the ESPN X Games this summer in Los Angeles.

Jeff Moyle touched the lives of all those who knew him and will be greatly missed. “The three of us were best friends and it’s never going to be the same without the awesome force that was Jeff and his personality,” said brothers Andy and Gary. 

Moyle is survived by his wife, Kim and 10-month-old daughter, Gracie, parents, Tom and Denise Moyle, and brothers Andy and Gary.

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