A couple of weeks have passed since the season-opening ISOC Amsoil Championship Series snowmobile snocross race in Duluth, Minnesota, meaning all of the teams that aren’t the Scheuring Speed Sports team have had time to lick their wounds and plot revenge.

The second weekend of racing, and the third and fourth rounds of the season championship points series, are kicking off as we write this in Bessemer, Michigan, home of the Blackjack National at the Blackjack Ski Resort. The Pro Open finals are scheduled for 8:55 p.m. tonight, December 7, and 9:10 p.m. Saturday, December 8. If you’re playing the Snow Goer Snowmobile Racing Challenge game, it’s time to set your schedule.

God bless the folks at Duluth’s Spirit Mountain for pulling off a miracle, given weather conditions, and getting a track built, but that track had definite limitations that did affect the racing. It was a rather short course – kind of an oval track with big moguls, on which the racers were turning 22- to 24-second laps – with not many areas to pass, set up passes or use a lot of the power that the Pro Open sled generate.

Blackjack will be different. A significantly longer track will greet the racers, and that should allow for more competitive racing.

The Ski-Doo driving Scheuring team, led by Robbie Malinoski and backed by Tim Tremblay and Darrin Mees, was utilizing incredible holeshots at Duluth and that allowed them to do very well not just in the finals, including Sunday’s 1-2-3 podium sweep, but also in heat races. Will they be able to repeat on a longer course? Time will tell. Tucker Hibbert and Ross Martin will definitely be lurking, Justin Broberg, Logan Christian and Cody Thomsen exceeded expectations at Duluth and the Swedish quad of Petter Narsa, Emil Ohman, Johan Lidman and Adam Renheim will all find themselves on courses that certainly don’t duplicate what they raced on back home, but isn’t as foreign to them as Duluth’s tight track.

Don’t give up on amazing rookie Kody Kamm or crowd favorite Levi LaVallee either – they may be far back in the points, but they are both super talented.  There is also great racing all weekend in a variety of other classes, much of it available online at ISOC’s ustream broadcast.

Going in, here are the top 10 in points:

  1. Robbie Malinoski (No. 4 Ski-Doo) = 89 points
  2. Tim Tremblay (No. 11 Ski-Doo) = 75
  3. Ross Martin (No. 837 Polaris) = 71
  4. Tucker Hibbert (No. 68 Arctic Cat) = 68
  5. Darrin Mees (No. 9 Ski-Doo) = 64
  6. Justin Broberg (No. 168 Polaris) = 55
  7. Logan Christian (No. 43 Arctic Cat) = 55
  8. Cody Thomsen (No. 62 Arctic Cat) = 55
  9. Zach Pattyn (No. 99 Ski-Doo) = 43
  10. Adam Renheim (No. 311 Ski-Doo) = 40

Remember, the fantasy-based Snowmobile Racing Challenge deadline for Saturday’s racing is lurking: Get your picks in tonight so you don’t miss the deadline. It’s fun, free, easy, and you could win prizes. Please note that once you set your team for an individual race, it cannot be changed for that race. Choose carefully.

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