Inside Camoplast’s Manufacturing Plant

CamoplastSnowmobile track maker Camoplast claims that 85 percent of new snowmobiles sold worldwide are equipped with its tracks, so there’s a really, really good chance that the company made the rubber hoop that’s hung inside your snowmobile.

Camoplast is highly confidential about corporate and trade information, but this 12-minute video shared with us today by Camoplast (produced by a PBS television station in New York) shows inside the company’s snowmobile track manufacturing plant in Plattsburgh, New York. Even though the segment’s purpose it to show Camoplast’s positive effect on the northern New York community, as a snowmobiler you’ll probably find it interesting to learn about some of Camoplast’s processes, its constant effort to develop new product, the skillset of its employees and the influences of competition. Enjoy!

Camoplast video by Mountain Lake PBS station

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    hi my name is a.j. i have design a track system for a crawfish harvesting boat down here in south lousianna,we have no needs for snowmoblies here but i like your tracks . my frist track system was build with a challenger 15″ x 120.96 x 2.00 and work great . my next ones i would like to used a challenger 16″ x 146 x 2.5 i think the part # is 9144m.but i would like to become a dealer so i can purchase factory driect. please let me know if i may do this. i need to do this so i can keep my materail cost as low as posable. thanks a.j. thibodeaux ( shop# 337-783-8780) ( cell# 337-581-5136 24/7 )


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