In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s hard to live life anywhere in the mainstream and be surprised to learn that October is breast cancer awareness month. Even members of NFL teams are sporting pink shoes and hat brims in support of the cause.
It’s also hard to find someone who isn’t in one way or another impacted by breast cancer. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime, so chances are you know someone who has suffered from it. Breast cancer takes the life of one woman every 15 minutes.
It’s one thing to have breast cancer awareness – yet another thing to do something about it. There are long-time cancer charities like the Susan B. Komen that fund grants toward a cure, but there are many people who believe research is no closer to a breast cancer cure than it was 10 years ago.
If you wish to make a donation to a breast cancer charity in support or in honor of friends or family, there are two motorsports-themed charities. Both of them approach breast cancer differently. SnowGoer has partnered several times with the Pink Ribbon Riders ( who dedicate their efforts to awareness and financial assistance with those undergoing treatment.
Another charity,, dedicates its mission to prevention and early detection. Much of the charity’s funding goes to buy mammograms for women who may not be able to afford them. According to the information provided by 1 in 8, a typical mammogram – the best tool we have for early detection – costs between $125 and $150.
Be sure to check out the two sites to find out where events are happening near you or to make a tax-deductable donation.

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