Great seasons are upon us

December 17, 2010
This truly is a great time of year. The snowmobile season is in its infancy and we have more than three months of riding to look forward to. Equally as important, it’s the holiday season, and I’m in the Christmas spirit more than I’ve been for a long time. There’s lots of snow on the ground where I live in Minnesota — and many other parts of North America — and it’s been cold. Yet another reason for my excitement is because I’ll be hosting my family for the big holiday. Wish me luck!
I’ve been out on sleds a few times this year, including a fabulous ride Wednesday night. Trails near my home were groomed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the people in our group were pumped to be out on their sleds in such fantastic conditions so early in the season. I’m looking forward to more rides this weekend, including a cruise on my John Deere Trailfire.
The Snow Goer staff is busy prepping our sleds and ordering parts and products to test for reports in the magazine and on next fall. And in ordering all of those traction products, suspension packages, jackets, clutch parts and the like, it reminds me how lucky I am to work in the snowmobile industry. Why? Not only because I love to ride sleds, but because there are so many smart, fun, helpful, interesting and funny people in the industry.
Whether calling them on the phone to check in and find out how business is going, visiting their shop for a dyno run, riding vintage sleds together on the weekend, hanging out at a snocross race, putting new machines through their paces at a manufacturer’s sneak peek or bumping into each other at a golf course in the summer, every day I enjoy the company of great people who work in the snowmobile industry.
We received this week from Kale Wainer, Arctic Cat’s media relations specialist, a holiday greeting on behalf of his company done in a style that only Arctic Cat would do. Wainer is a friendly prankster, so he fits in well with the goofy, good ol’ boys style that is the spirit of Arctic Cat employees. To watch and listen to a silly, light-hearted rendition of the classic Christmas carol, “O Christmas Tree,” click here.
— Andy Swanson

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