Friday's Fast Five: Add-Ons For A Polaris XLT Snowmobile

Welcome to the first installment of Friday’s Fast Five, a weekly list from the Snow Goer headquarters. The list will sometimes be serious, other times demented: You decide which is which.

This week’s category: Five must-have accessories for a 1995 Polaris Indy XLT Special. You can’t let your sled look like the 704,637 other XLTs on the trail, so customize it like the other 609,845 people did.  Here’s what we suggest:

It's a blank canvas... what will YOU add to the XLT?
  1. A pile of colored plastic crap  – That’s right, snap on your purple Rad Covers and running board trim, peel off the backing and stick on running board pads and bolt on the skid plate. You’ve quickly gone from a stock look to all-out obnoxious in three easy steps.
  2. Snow Glows  – Oh wait, there’s more. If you really want to take your sled to “the next level,” Snow Glows neon light tubes need to be wired in and hung beneath the running boards. Nothing screamed “LOOK AT ME!”  better in the 1990s than the Snow Glows. Matching leathers with checkered flag embroidery add another 10 mph, at least.
  3. Tinted Headlight Cover – Why keep it legal? The colored headlight covers that were so popular back then looked great, until your sled was wrapped around a tree because you couldn’t see where in the hell you were going.
  4. Triple Pipes – Add noise and lose horsepower. The noise was a given, but if you didn’t dial in your jetting and clutching, many riders also went slower with the pipes in place. But hey, they sounded faster, and closed some trails.
  5. A “Piss On Arctic Cat” Calvin Sticker –  If you had a Polaris, you hated Arctic Cat, and vice-versa. Calvin was always looking for something to urinate on at the time, so why not?

So, that’s our list for today’s Friday Fast Five. What are your suggestions? Use the comment box below.


If you rode a Polaris, you hated the Cat guys, so wear it proudly.

5 thoughts on “Friday's Fast Five: Add-Ons For A Polaris XLT Snowmobile

  • The first thing that most owners of a 95 XLT need to add to it is a new crankshaft which is usually accompanied by a new set of pistons and at least one new cylinder.

  • Purple plastic ski skins. No sense in running around on rusty old steel skis. Can buy the ski skins from Shade Tree in Big Lake.

  • Another must have was the chest protector to make you think you really…really fast, look out Brad Pake, here come the XLT with triple pipes topping out at 89 mph!

  • ha ha would really like to know where they stole this pic from, thats my sled and the pic i used to list in on kijiji. just goes to show, if u post something on the net u never kno where it will end up.

  • That’s awesome, I just bought a 95 special for $300 and it came fully loaded with a lot of these mods, slp triple pipes, purple skid plate, ski skins, and best of all a calvin piss on ski doo sticker on one side of the hood and a piss on arctic cat on the other. Mine is clutched and jetted for the pipes though so I can be obnoxious and go faster than stock.


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