This week’s Friday’s Fast Five is a compilation of funny snowmobiling video clips. Whether attempting to show off for the camera to trying to make a smooth arrival for the television crew, these are funny examples of snowmobile buffoonery. Most snowmobilers have probably found themselves in similar situations, so it’s easy to laugh with those people rather than at the poor souls who took a bump or busted up their snowmobiles.

1. Snowmobile Wheelie This hot shot tries to pull a wheelie on his MX Z, but it hooks up so hard that he lets off the throttle only to be tossed from the machine. The lesson here: Gas is your friend.

2. Loading A Snowmobile A Ski-Doo rider shows how not to load a snowmobile onto a truck’s sled deck. He takes a solid ‘Clunk’ to the noggin after the ramp slips out, so it’s a good thing he was still wearing a helmet.

3. Snowmobile Police To protect and to serve. Two of Rockford, Illinois’ finest attempt to make a grand entrance on a couple of Polaris Indy Trails while a weatherman does a live shot for a TV station. This gets good at about 1:05.


4. Snowmobile Creek Crossing This cautious snowmobiler successfully crosses a creek and then slams directly into a sturdy tree, the epitome of target fixation. That damage won’t buff out.

5. Snowmobile Hill Climb The turbo-powered snowmobile in this video sounds like a strong runner, but this Polaris RMK driver should’ve stayed on the line he started at the bottom of the hill to avoid the trees that are at the top.

Share links of funny snowmobile videos you’ve found on YouTube in the ‘comments’ section below.

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