Friday Quiz: How Well Do You Know Snowmobiling Stats?

Let’s face it: You like snowmobiling. If you didn’t, why else would you be hanging out on this website? But how well do you really know the sport that you enjoy so much?

In this week’s Friday Fast Quiz, we’ve got six questions about the sport of snowmobiling in North America. The stats for each answer come from the 2013 Snowmobile Fact Book produced by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association – in other words, if you have a problem with our answers, take it up with them!

Go ahead and quiz yourself, then (and only then) click here to see the answers and see how you scored.


1. At 34,224 kilometers, this province has the largest snowmobile trail network in Canada.

a)      Quebec

b)      Alberta

c)       Ontario

d)      Yukon

snowmobile fact book

2. Of these four U.S. states, which has the most miles of snowmobile trails?

a)      Ohio

b)      Nebraska

c)       Arizona

d)      Indiana


3. Snowmobilers in Canada and the United States spend how much per year on snowmobiling, combined?

a)      $34 billion


b)      $24 billion

c)       $18 billion

d)      $27 billion


4. Rounding off, what is the estimated number of snowmobile clubs in the world?

a)      2,000

b)      3,000

c)       3,500

d)      4,000


5.  According to an Iowa State University study from 2010, what’s the total economic impact of snowmobiling in Iowa?

a)      $101.3 million

b)      $84.2 million

c)       $61.9 million

d)      $123.3 million


6. One thing that makes a snowmobile float across the surface of fresh snow is the limited pressure it puts on the surface. For instance, a four-wheel drive vehicle puts 30 pounds of pressure per square inch on the surface below. A horse rates in at 8 pounds PSI, a man walking is 5 pounds. So, what pressure does a snowmobile put on the surface?

a)      1.4 pounds per square inch

b)      0.9 pounds

c)       0.5 pounds

d)      0.09 pounds


Again, for the correct answers, click here.

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