Friday Is A Great Day At The World Championship.

Mark Thompson

Qualifying was done in the Stock and Improved Stock classes. The racing started with the Pro Masters Stock Class. From the start of the day Mark Thompson was racing well. He was the top qualifier in this class and 600 Stock. Other top qualifiers included: Keith Curtis, Tony Ottobre, Tyler Crockett, Kyle Tapio, Tom Roby and Dolan Phelps. We will see all of them racing in the finals on Sunday. The finals were run today for the Non-Pro Masters, Juniors, Semi-Pros, and Women’s Classes. Norris Brown was the first racer over the top of Snow King today and won the Non-Pro Masters Class. The Juniors Class winner was Jay Mentaberry, from Alpine WY. Arctic Cat Racer Christy Frisby is the Women’s World Champion. The Semi-Pro Stock class winner was Landon Archibald, from Mendon,UT. Semi-Pro Improved winner was Patrick Trujillo and Semi-Pro Mod winner was David Sharp Jr.

David Sharp Jr.
David Sharp Jr.

At the end of the day, all three Semi-Pro class winners raced against each other for the Semi-Pro King title. The youngest semi-Pro racer won, David Sharp Jr.who is only 16 years old. David took on Snow King Mountain and went over the top with the fastest time. Our congratulations to David Jr. and his dad, David Sharp. As I heard someone say as David took off from the starting line: “We are watching the future of our sport”. And what a bright future it has…

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