Friday Fast Five: 5 Greatest Comedies of All-Time

Here’s a scenario to consider: you and your riding buddies have piled into a truck for the drive out west to spend a long weekend snowmobiling in the fresh alpine powder. It’s long drive, though, and you need some quality entertainment to pass the time. What to do? Don’t worry – your editors here at Snow Goer have you covered with the five best comedies of all-time that you can watch along your journey. (Or, maybe you just want to kill some time on this fine Friday.)

1. Dumb & Dumber

2. Airplane

3. Tommy Boy

4. The Big Lebowski

(Caution: this clip contains some NSFW language)

5. The Hangover

What do you think are the funniest comedies of all time? Comment below and let us know. Fall is in the air here in Minneapolis, and we’re loading up our trucks to head to Haydays. Please stop in and say hello, that is, if you can get yourself off the couch now that we’ve sucked you in.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fast Five: 5 Greatest Comedies of All-Time

  • Avatar for Dave Wells

    Funniest flix in no particular order:
    Animal House
    Blazing Saddles
    Caddy Shack
    Pink Panther flix starring Peter Sellers
    the Porky’s series
    Young Frankenstein
    Putney Swope
    Groove Tube
    Monte Python’s Holy Grail

  • Avatar for frozen cold

    OLD SCHOOL!!! you guys left out old school! dumb and dumber? come on


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