Five Great, Affordable Gifts For Snowmobilers On Your List


Santa Claus is a jerk.

That’s the conclusion we’re left with when considering what he’s done for us lately.

I mean, sure, he bring toys and other assorted items to the little Bobbies and Suzies of the world, but what about us adult snowmobilers? When’s the last time you woke up on Christmas morning and found anything for yourself tucked beneath the dead evergreen that’s been dropping needles in your living room for the previous two weeks? Not lately, we’re guessing.

Reason it out: You’d think we’d have something in common with the fat man in the red suit, considering his northern residence and all. But we fear that the bearded, windburned drunk may be a little bit on the green side – relying on those filthy reindeer to pull him around instead of some good, old fashioned, gasoline-generated horsepower.

Jerk.Well hopefully you have relatives who are looking out for you and your primary winter passion. Pass this list along to them: This is our Snow Goer Friday Fast Five, featuring five gifts for snowmobilers that’ll cost about $40 or less.

A base layer or pair of socks made of high-tech, breathable fabric is a great gift for a snowmobile owner.
  1. Long Underwear Or Socks – Avoid the cheap, cotton “long johns” at Target or Wal-Mart. Instead, opt for a base layer made polypropylene or other high-tech material that breathes and pulls moisture away from the wearer’s skin. Socks made out of similar material are also very well worth the money. You can get decent stuff for $40 or less per piece at dealerships or sporting goods stores.
  2. MechanixStyle Gloves – Most snowmobilers have their own wants and desires for riding gloves, so choosing those types of gloves is harder for a friend or relative. But a pair of light work gloves – like the Mechanix or Pit Tech gloves – are a can’t-miss gift for virtually any snowmobiler. They are great around the garage, when loading or unloading sleds or when driving the tow vehicle. They are available at most snowmobile dealerships and online vendors as well as auto parts stores for $10 to $25.
  3. Cell Phone Case – It’s official: It seems like most people can’t go riding anymore without their darned cell phone. It’s sad, in a way, because far too often we see folks we’re riding with checking emails or social media sites during a trailside break, but it is what it is, right? Plus, the smart phone gives a certain sense of safety while also serving as a watch and a camera for many riders. If the phone’s coming with, it might as well have some level of protection with a product from Otter Box or a like company. A decent case is available for $15 to $30.
  4. A Helmet Bag– For $35 or less, you can give the snowmobiler in your life a safe and classy way to haul their helmet around in their tow vehicle or on a plane. A good helmet back often has a tough exterior to keep out the elements but a soft interior so the helmet doesn’t get scuffed.
    Pretty much any snowmobiler could benefit from a pair of work-related gloves.
  5. Magazine Subscription – Aw, c’mon, you had to expect THIS one, didn’t you? Hey, a year subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Seven times a year a magazine will arrive in the recipient’s mailbox, reminding them of your kind act for a full year, all for a mere $16.97 (or $23.97 for two years). Click here to take advantage of the deal.

You think our ideas stink? Well give us your own in the comment box below.