First Time Women Take “King Run”

It has been a long time in coming, but RMSHA has changed it’s rules and pro women racers now can race against their male counterparts in the King Runs. The first women to ever take a King Run in a hillclimb event is veteran racer Amy Zollinger. After winning the women’s stock class at Preston, she is pictured here taking off for her historic run. Amy has raced for four years and had countless wins on the RMSHA circuit. She is the reining Women’s World Champion.

Christy Frisby
Christy Frisby

The second is a newcomer to RMSHA, Christy Frisby. This is Christy’s first year on the circuit and she is Russell Frisby’s new bride.

These two women are ripping up the RMSHA circuit both on Arctic Cats. At Bear Lake last week, Amy won both Stock and Improved Stock. On her Mod run, Amy bobbled and Christy was right there to take the win. Once again they shared the King Runs.

The next race on the RMSHA circuit is Afton. This is one of Amy’s

Amy Zollinger
Amy Zollinger

favorite courses. Amy is pictured here after sweeping all three classes two years ago at Afton.

Afton is one of the most action packed races on the RMSHA circuit and will take place February 27th – March 1st. For more information visit the RMSHA web site at:

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for The Jackson World Championship Hillclimb starting March 26th – 29th. for more info.

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