Fantasy Snowmobile Racing Is Back, Take The Free Challenge

An easy, fun and free way to enjoy snowmobile racing and follow along during the season is back – the Fantasy Snowmobile Racing Challenge, this year presented by Amsoil Synthetics.

Based on fantasy sports games common in football, baseball or NASCAR, players in the Snowmobile Racing Challenge select how they think racers will finish in a high-profile, upcoming snowmobile race, using a drop down menu with all of the racers names. Players then get points based on how those racers actually finish the race.AMSOIL_Logo_CMYK

There will be weekly winners for bragging right and occasional gifts from Snow Goer, plus year-end champions in the snocross, oval sprint racing and cross-country brackets that will get prize packages from sponsor Amsoil, including the company’s Interceptor Synthetic oil and some Amsoil swag.

The snocross round kicks off immediately, with selections for the ISOC Amsoil Duluth National on Thanksgiving weekend. Players will select their “team” for the Sunday, November 30, Pro Open final.

Then, over the course of the season, there will be rounds for the following snocross races:

  • Duluth, Minnesota, on Nov. 30
  • Fargo, North Dakota, Dec. 13
  • Shakopee, Minnesota, on Jan. 10
  • X Games Aspen on approximately Jan. 23 (awaiting final schedule from ESPN)
  • Deadwood, South Dakota, on Jan. 31
  • Salamanca, New York, on Feb. 7
  • Chicago, Illinois on Feb. 21
  • Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, on Feb. 28
  • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on March 15

The Ovals Snowmobile Racing Challenge will be launched soon – check back for details on that fantasy game.

For complete rules, click through here, and then make your picks. Remember, it’s free and easy, so there’s no risk. And invite your friends to play, so you can beat them and then rub their snug little noses in the results.Print

Go sign up now! The Snowmobile Racing Challenge season kicks off with the Duluth National – picks are due Sunday, November 30 at 9 a.m. but can be made at any time. However, once your picks are made, they are locked. Also, please make sure to sign in with the same user name and password every week so your points continue to tally. Here’s a link to a recent story previewing the racing season — it includes a list of competitors expected to compete in the Pro Open class in Duluth.

Thanks to this year’s presenting sponsor, Amsoil Synthetics.

For the record, here are last year’s Top 5 in each Challenge round:


1. Bob Dockham, 694 points

2. Dustin Timm, 663

3. John Prusak, 650

4. Chunk, 646

5. Austin Leeck, 663


1. Taylor Soli, 397 points


2. The Iceman, 356

3. Beth, 351

4. Craig Wilson, 344

5. Isanti, 343


1. Russell Miller, 183 points

2. am farms, 171

3. John Prusak, 162

4. Jesse Littleton, 148

5. zrwf, 140

SOO I-500

1. Brian Kraven, 60 points

2. Tim Leeck, 56

3. Jesse Littleton, 55

4. Bob Dockham, 54

5. Jasper 243, 53


1. John Prusak, 1177 points

2. Dustin Timm, 1060

3. Bob Dockham, 1033

4. Jesse Littleton, 934

5. Champ Crazy, 924


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